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acrylic sol, epoxy sol, silicone materials, silicone modified reactive resins, nano, nano powder, nanocomposites, flame retardant, composites, elastomer and coatings, polyester polyol, polyester diol, acrylic polyol, liquid fluoropolymer, fluorinated resins, coating additives, anti-graffiti coatings, anti-fingerprint coatings,  construction chemicals, EPDM membrane, waterproofing, cement modiifier, bonding agent, sports surface. 納米二氧化硅溶膠, 奈米二氧化矽溶膠, 奈米二氧化矽融膠, 乙烯基有機硅樹脂, 聚酯二元醇, 易潔塗料, 抗污塗料, 抗塗鴨塗料, 抗指紋漆, 氟化樹脂, 壓克力氟 亞克力氟 水性PU, 聚亞醯胺

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