Procachem Corporation


Fluorinated Resins/Fluoropolymers


There are 3 types of fluorinated resins/fluoropolymers in our product range:

RU-1000 Series

These are liquid fluorinated resins with reactive hydroxyl group in solvents.  They are designed for use as base polymers in high performance coatings with good slip, anti-graffiti effect and easy to clean performance.

RU-2000 Series

These are waterborne fluorinated acrylic emulsions which provide good weather resistance and easy clean property for outdoor architectural paints.

RF-3000 Series

These are liquid fluoropolymers which are copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and vinyl ether with reactive OH functionality. They offer excellent weatherability, chemical and solvent resistance.  The main application is for durable architectural paints and coatings. 


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